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Determinism and Free Will According to Rumi and Shams

Duration of the Course
One Session; 90 minutes
About the course
In this course Soudabeh Karimi has explained the meaning of Determinism and free will according to Rumi and Shams. This course is a part of “Nights of Masnavi” lecture series.
This series comprises of 40 lectures and delivered by reputed Rumi researchers. The topics covered in this lecture series are as follows :
  • Rumi and psychological well-being
  • Rumi and theology of love
  • Determinism and free will according to Rumi and Shams
  • Re-reading the Ney-Nameh
  • Mystic Sloth
  • Human nature according to Rumi
  • You, me and His manifestation in Rumi’s World
  • Embryonic ascension : stages of human growth in the eyes of Rumi
  • Mystic experiences
  • Friendship according to Rumi
  • Four big ideas in six volumes of the Masnavi
  • Unitarianism and pluralism in Rumi’s viewpoint
  • Levels of War and peace according to Rumi
About the Instructor
Soudabeh Karimi has been teaching ‘Masnavi and Maqalaat Shams Tabrizi’. She has authored the following books:
  • Calling of the Water: A Window to Rumi’s Worldview
  • Room of the Sun: Description of Discourses of Shams-e Tabrizi
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