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Introduction to Eastern Mysticism (India, China and Japan)

Days and Duration of the Course

Mondays – 4 semesters, 8 sessions in each semester


Online – Skyroom

About the Course

An introduction to the sets of beliefs, rites and customs of the classical Mystical traditions and their spiritual outcomes and achievements in modern times are presented in this course.

First Semester: Familiarity with classical mystical traditions in India (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Advaita Vedanta school, etc.);

Second Semester: Getting to know Buddhism and modern Buddhist spirituality;

 Third Semester: Familiarity with religions and mysticism in Japan (Shintoism);

 Fourth Semester: An introduction to and a review of Chinese mystical religions (Taoism and Confucianism).


About the Instructor

Dr. Abdulhamid Ziaei holds a Ph.D. degree in comparative mysticism studies and has been the instructor of a variety of courses such as commentary on the poetry of Shams Tabrizi and commentary on The Conversations (Maqalat) of Shams of Tabriz. He has written a number of books in his respected field. “I Am Yours” is one of his books, which he has published by Soroosh-e Mowlana Publication.

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