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Mowlana Rumi’s Fundamental Teachings

Duration of the Course

One Semester; 12 Sessions


About the Course

Mowlana Jalaluddin Muhammad, known as Rumi in the West, is one of the world’s greatest thinkers and one of the wonders of human descent. Rumi’s works brim with pure experiences, insights and valuable teachings for life and deep study of them demands to first get familiar with the key issues in Rumi’s thought. This course attempts to make this possible and acquaint us with the fundamentals of Rumi’s thought. The main topics that will be considered in this course: Unity, love, voluntary death, insight and knowledge, religion, path and truth, cultivating the inward senses, observing the seemingly lifeless world, face and facelessness.


About the Instructor

Dr. Amir Akrami holds a PhD in Philosophy of Religion from McGill University in Canada. He has taught at Yale, Eastern Mennonite and James Madison Universities in the United States, the Al-Mahdi Institute in Birmingham, UK, Iranian Research Institute of Philosophy, and the Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies, University of Tehran. Comparative Mysticism, Rumi’s Thought, World Religions, Buddhism, Commentary on Rumi’s Masnavi and Commentary on Shams Tabrizi’s Ghazals are a few example of the topic of the courses, taught by Dr. Akrami.

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