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Negah Aftab – First issue- Fall 2020

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Negah Aftab – First issue- Fall 2020

Concessionaire: Soroush Molana Cultural and Artistic Institute

Director responsible for :Maryam Mousavi

Year: first year

No: the first number

Season: Autumn 2019

Pages: 314

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The first issue of Negah Aftab has been published in 10 sections with summaries in English, Arabic and Turkish languages.
This issue includes writings and speeches about human suffering in the modern world and suffering from Rumi’s point of view.
The record file of this issue is dedicated to Badi al-Zaman Forozanfar and the neighboring file in this issue is Rumi’s presence in Turkey.
The design of the cover of this issue is by Reza Abedini and the illustrations of the review section are by Ardeshir Rostami.


Board of Directors: Seyeddayt Jalili, Amir Yousefi and Pejman Mousavi

In this issue we read:

  • A critical review of the mystical heritage and works of Rumi with writings by Soroush Dabagh, Hossein Dabagh, Mohammad Mehdi Mujahidi and…
  • Analysis of the meeting of Shams and Rumi in a meeting attended by Taghi Pournamdarian, Nasrullah Pourjavadi and Mustafa Malekian.
  • Writings by Ebrahim Musapour, Seyyed Hasan Eslami, Abu Ali Wadadhir, Masoud Zanjani, etc., about suffering and the meaning of life in Rumi’s intellectual system.
  • Commemorating Master Badiul Zaman Forozanfar with works by Mohammad Istilami, Tawfiq Sobhani, etc.
  • Commemorating Master Badiul Zaman Forozanfar with works by Mohammad Istilami, Tawfiq Sobhani, etc.
  • A roundtable discussion with the presence of Abolqasem Fanai, Alireza Alavitabar and Maqsood Forastkhah.
  • Conversation with Mahmoud Erol Qalich, Dr. Adnan Kara Esmailoglu and…
  • Documentary narratives of a personal encounter with Rumi’s life world by Nuruddin Zarin Kalk, Ahmed Zeidabadi and…


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