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Political Philosophy: A Complete Introduction

Political Philosophy: A Complete Introduction
Phil Parvin, Clare Chambers
Translated into Persian by Javad Heidari
Published by Soroosh-e Mowlana Publication, Spring of 2022

About the book
This book is one of the most readable, clear and at the same time, accurate books published in the subject of political philosophy. “Political Philosophy: A Complete Introduction” is both an important textbook for students of philosophy, political and social sciences, and a source of inspiration for all political activists and all the citizens, who care about political life and value making the political system more ethical. Political philosophy and moral philosophy are the most important areas of human thought that deal with the idea of “wellbeing”. Moral philosophy deals with the wellbeing of individual life and political philosophy deals with the wellbeing of social life. This book is an invitation to reflect upon the wellbeing in the public and political spheres.

About the author
Claire Chambers is Professor of Political Philosophy and Fellow of Jesus College at the University of Cambridge. She previously held positions at Oxford University and the London School of Economics, and was an invited researcher at the University of California, Berkeley.
In addition to being a professor of political sciences at Loughborough University, Phil Parvin is also the head of the department of international relations, politics and history and the head of the ethics in public life research group in the same university. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of The Britain and Ireland Association for Political Thought.

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Author's name

Clare Chambers, Phil Parvin


Javad Heidari

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