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Rumi and Christianity

The date of the event: December 7, 1400

venue: Online – Clubhouse

Organizer: Soroush Molana Cultural and Artistic Institute

Period of time: 120 minutes

Topic: Rumi and Christianity

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On Tuesday, January 7, 1400, the club house meeting of Soroush Molana Institute was dedicated to the discussion of “Moulana and Christianity”.

In this meeting, Dr. Mansour Motamedi, director of the Department of Religions and Mysticism of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and translator of the book “Bible Narrated by Muslims” and Dr. Kimia Tajnia, assistant professor of Azad University and Maulana Pajoh were guests of the program and discussed the relationship between Rumi and Christianity. The topics raised in this meeting are:

  • What are the commonalities and differences between the world of Rumi as an Islamic mystic and mystic with Christianity.
  • What are the signs and elements of these commonalities?
  • When we talk about Christianity, what are we talking about? What exactly do we mean? Do we necessarily have an opinion on the religion of Christ? Or do we see Christianity in a different background?
  • How was Rumi’s life in Konya and next to Christians?
  • Where does tolerance and agreement with Christians come from in the eyes of Muslim Maulana, even in the 7th century of Hijri?


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