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Rumi and the Practical Life Wisdom

Duration of the Workshop

Three-hour workshop; 180 minutes


About the Workshop

The subject of the course is on the introduction to Rumi’s practical wisdom with reference to the anecdotes of Rumi’s Masnavi. In this workshop, Dr. Mohammad Reza Sargolzaei examines the following topics with reference to Masnavi stories:

  • Critical thinking: thinking about thinking
  • Analogy to self – the story of the grocer and the parrot and pouring oil in the shop/ Masnavi, Book One
  • Analogy from the self – the story of a deaf person visiting his suffering neighbor / Masnavi, Book One
  • Analogy to Metaphor / Masnavi, Book Two
  • Fallacy of the metaphor
  • Secularism / Masnavi, Book One
  • Strategic thinking – the story of the goldsmith seeing the end of the work / Masnavi, Book Threes
  • Confiscation to the desired


About the Instructor

Mohammadreza Sargolzaei is a psychiatrist, poet, writer and researcher in the fields of philosophy, psychology and mythology.

He is the author of many works in this field, including “Man, philosophy, mysticism; A speech about the spiritual needs of the man”, “The madness of power and illegitimate power of fascism, totalitarianism and capitalism”, “A jar of the sea water”, “Words for today’s people”, “Letters to the sky”, “The Insane Island” are some examples of works. It is published by him.

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