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Rumi and the Theology of Love

Duration of the Course
4 classes ; 90 minutes
About the Course
In this course Dr. Mohammad Javad Etemadi has talked about theology and Love according to Rumi’s point of view.
This course is one of the programs of “Nights of Masnavi” lecture series.
This series comprises of 40 lectures and delivered by reputed Rumi researchers. The topics covered in this lecture series are as follows :
  • Rumi and psychological well-being
  • Rumi and theology of love
  • Determinism and free will according to Rumi and Shams
  • Re-reading the Ney-Nameh
  • Mystic Sloth
  • Human nature according to Rumi
  • You, me and His manifestation in Rumi’s World
  • Embryonic ascension : stages of human growth in the eyes of Rumi
  • Mystic experiences
  • Friendship according to Rumi
  • Four big ideas in six volumes of the Masnavi
  • Unitarianism and pluralism in Rumi’s viewpoint
  • Levels of War and peace according to Rumi
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