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The 9th Conference of Mehr-e Mowlana (The Love of Rumi): Ethics and Sustainable Peace

The 9th “Mehr-e Mowlana” conference was named “Ethics and Sustainable Peace” as without ethics, sustainable peace is not achievable.

In this conference, peace, essentials of peace, collective ethics and the conditions for the realization of the lasting peace were discussed.

The “9th Mehr-e Mowlana Conference” was held in 2019, coinciding with the “World Peace Day” named “Ethics and Sustainable Peace”. This conference included two speeches in Persian and three speeches in English.

The programs of the conference were as follows:

  • Speech by Mustafa Malekian under the title of “Peace, creating and promoting peace and guaranteeing peace”
  • Introduction of T. M. Scanlon and his works
  • The speech of T. M. Scanlon titled: “How is sustainable peace achieved?”
  • Introducing Joshua Cohen and his works
  • Joshua Cohen lecture titled: “The vulnerability of democracy”
  • The performance of the song “Song of Peace” by the artists of the Special National Orchestra of Iran (Nik ava)
  • Introduction of Iran’s Special National Orchestra group by Maryam Gilasian; Supervisor and conductor of the orchestra
  • Javad Heydari’s speech titled: “Types of theories about war and their relationship with ethics”
  • Introducing Thomas Nigel and his works
  • Thomas Nigel lecture: “Ethics and sustainable peace”


Date of the Conference: September 31, 2019

Venue: Online Platforms – Instagram, Aparat, YouTube

Organizer: Soroosh-e Mowlana Institute for Arts and Culture

Duration: 120 minutes

Topic: Ethics and Peace

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