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The Earth through the Eyes of Heavens

The Earth through the Eyes of Heavens
Mostafa Malekian
Second Edition is published by Soroosh-e Mowlana Publication, Spring of 2019
Translated into Arabic by Darabin AlKutb Publications, Iraq

About the Book
“The Earth through the Eyes of Heavens” is the result of the lectures, given by Mostafa Malekian at Soroosh-e Mowlana Institute for Arts and Culture, which was first published in 2017 by Soroosh-e Mowlana Publication.
In this book Mostafa Malekian emphasizes that in order to determine the probability of the progress, growth or development of a country or society, in addition to the three existing factors of natural resources and endowments, the accuracy and validity of macro-economic planning and the health of the political system, a forth factor should be taken into consideration, which can be described as the inner culture of the citizens of a country or society; in other words, the beliefs, feelings and emotions, desires and ideals of the individuals.
The author believes that one should return to the world within the human beings and attempt to correct their beliefs, feelings and desires there. In the present book, the author tries to speak clearly and positively of the manner and the nature of this reform.

About the Author
Mostafa Malekian is a writer, researcher and moral philosopher.
His researches are in the field of ethics, religion, philosophy of religion, existentialism, psychology, humanities, research method and intellectualism.
The theory of rationality and spirituality is one of his important projects.

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Mostafa Malekian

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