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The Ethics of Whistleblowing

Eric r. Boot

Translated into Persian by Iman Abbasnejad

Published by Soroosh-e Mowlana Publication, 2023

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About the Book

After the emergence of whistleblowers, who created a stir in the world of politics by uncovering the violations or secrets of the governments, this practice (known as whistle-blowing) became the focus of philosophers and ethicists. “The Ethics of Whistleblowing” tries to examine the ethical dimensions of this action and provide an answer to questions like: can whistleblowing be morally justified? If so, what is the justification for this action? Under what conditions the whistleblowing should be done? With all the risks that whistleblowing may bring to one’s life, property and honor, is it possible to consider this act as the person’s mandatory duty? In corporate and organizational violations, when and to what extent are employees morally responsible for those violations?

About the Author

Eric R. Boot, a political philosopher and legal scholar, is a lecturer at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. He received his doctorate in the field of philosophy of law and most of his researches were in the philosophy of human rights, applied ethics (especially the issue of whistle-blowing) and Kant’s practical philosophy.


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