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Why Does Inequality Matter?

Introduction and Edition by Mostafa Malekian

T. M. Scanlon

Translated into Persian by Narges Salahshour

Uehiro Series in Practical Ethics; 2022

Published by Soroosh-e Mowlana Publication

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About the Book

“Why Does Inequality Matter?” is one of the most important books written in the field of inequality. The author of this book, T. M. Scanlon has addressed, with an analytical method, the issue and the reason why inequality is not morally acceptable.

The author believes that inequality can be criticized for six reasons: It creates humiliating differences in human dignity; It grants the rich untenable forms of power and dominance over those with less money; it destroys the equality of economic opportunity; It undermines the fairness of political institutions; It leads to the violation of the condition of equal concern for the interests of those to whom the government is obliged to provide benefits; and it also is the direct result of unfair economic institutions.

About the Author

T. M. Scanlon is an American philosopher who is known as one of the most important contemporary political thinkers. He was born in 1940 in Indianapolis. He received his master’s degree from Princeton University in 1962 and his doctorate from Harvard University in 1966. Scanlon’s doctoral thesis was first in the field of mathematical logic, but later he turned to moral and political philosophy. He retired in 2016 after teaching political and moral philosophy at Harvard University for many years. “Why does inequality matter?” is the first book of this important thinker to be published in Persian.


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