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“Wisdom from Rumi’s Point of View” is the Subject of the Fifth Issue of Negah-e Aftab Quarterly

The fifth issue of Negahh-e Aftab Literary and Mystic Quarterly with the subject of wisdom from Rumi’s point of view is published. This issue contains 7 sections, focusing on “Reason in mysticism and in Rumi’s viewpoint”. A summary of the contents is provided in three languages of English, Arabic and Turkish.

This issue includes articles on reason, reviewing the place of philosophical wisdom in the history of mystical thought and reason in Rumi’s thought, its relation with Mazdaean wisdom and Ferdowsi’s wisdom. The journal provides a glimpse of Jalaleddin Homaee’s works on Rumi.

The issue also focuses on Rumi’s influence in UK.

Negah-e Aftab; Literary and Mystic Quarterly

Issue 5, Volume 2, Autumn 2021-Winter 2022

  • Publisher: Soroosh-e Mowlana Institute for Arts and Culture
  • Director-in-Charge and Chief Editor: Maryam Mousavi
  • Editorial Assistant: Azam Malekdar
  • Advisory Board: Ardeshir Mansouri, Seyed Amir Akrami
  • Editorial Board: Mohyedin Ghanbari: “HEKMAT” (WISDOM) Section, Behnam Naseri: “HAMSAYEH” (NIEGHBOR) and KARNAMEH (PERFORMANCE) and “HAFT EGHLIM” (ARTS) Sections
  • Special Thanks to: Seyed Saeed Firouzabadi, Mahmood Jafari Dehaghi, Majdoddin Keyvani, Hossein Kamaly, Tooraj Saberivand, Ebrahim Karimi, Mina Badali Baranduzi, Ali Haghani
  • Copy Editors: Mohammadreza Yaghoobi, Yasaman Kazerani Farahani
  • Layout Designer: Mohammad Hashemi
  • Illustration of “HAFT EGHLIM (ARTS)” Section: Ardeshir Rostami

In this issue we read:

  • The concept of reason in Rumi’s viewpoint and its relation with Mazdaean wisdom and Ferdowsi’s wisdom in the writings by Mehdi Kompani Zare, Mohi-ud-Din Ghanbari, Batoul Fakhr-e Eslam and Mohammad Reza Mokhtar
  • The reconsideration of the place of philosophical wisdom in the history of mystical thought by Abdolhamid Ziaei
  • Revisiting the relationship between Shams and Rumi by Amin Reza Nooshin
  • The place of reason in Rumi’s views and teachings in a meeting attended by Abolghasem Fanaie, Hossein Kamali and Ardeshir Mansouri
  • An overview of the personality, thought and works of Jalaleddin Homaee by Ali Ashraf Sadeghi, Seyed Mehdi Nourian, Asghar Dadbeh, Habib Bashirpour, Nasrolah Pourjavadi, Jalaleddin Kazzazi and Peyman Talebi
  • The interviews with Ghotbeddin Sadeghi and Farough Kiani about playwriting and ritual dances
  • A writing by Reza Khorram on the influence of Rumi on the works of Homayoun Khorram
  • An overview of Rumi’s social and cultural presence by Alan Williams, Mahmoud Jafari Dehaghi, Hasan Javadi and Masoud Farahmandfar
  • Narratives describing personal encounters with the lifeworld of Rumi by Hossein Vahdani, Mehdi Kompani Zare, Gorban Valiee and Mohammad Sharifi
  • Criticism of Mohammad Reza Shafiei Kadkani’s viewpoints on the nature of mysticism in the book “The language of poetry in Sufi Prose” by Mohammad Fanaei Eshkevari. A review of the book “Sufism Aesthetics” by Sirus Ali Zargar

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